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The Bigger Picture - Breezy


This year I have grown not only physically but mentally. One of the biggest concepts our team stands firm on is mental toughness. As a sophomore, returning with a positive mindset was difficult due to last years experience. I grew in this mindset area, as I met my teammates over the summer and saw what we were capable of. Not long after that, our team played in the Jamboree Tournament and that is when I truly understood my role on this team.
Humility; noun - a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.

This noun, to lower ones self, to step down in humility.. is the ultimate challenge. Its meaning surpasses the concept of winning a game. Humility is true wisdom. It is the key to success. Once you've grasped this idea that you are only one piece to this 500 piece puzzle.. you find peace. Your plate looks a little smaller, your responsibility doesn't seem as impossible as it did before. You are able to focus on what is in front of you better, letting the outcome unfold by itself. When one finds peace, the sky is the limit. And when I think of my teammates, these sisters of mine, these ladies I go to war with on the court; I can't help but think of how much love I have for every single one of them. On and off the court they know I have their backs, and I know they have mine. So with that being said, I set aside my worries. My worries of the unknown; playing next year, scouting, stats. When I play, I play for my sisters. The rest will come. And when I play for them, I give it my all. I'm able to smile, to have fun, to play loose. Win or lose, I do this for my team. This year to last year we have a completely different mindset and I am grateful I get to be apart of something bigger than myself.  
This is truly our Cinderella story. 

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